Majestic Rollerball Pen(Blk TN/Rhodium) - Buckeye Burl

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Majestic Rollerball Pen(Blk TN/Rhodium) - Buckeye Burl

Similar to its unique counterpart, the Majestic Fountain Pen, this pen includes a black titanium rim and a titanium emblem that represents the Washington State Flower: The Rhododendron. At the end of the clip rests a Swarovski crystal that complements the black titanium perfectly. What sets it apart is its unique rollerball extension which combines the convenience of a ballpoint pen with the smooth "Wet Ink" effect of a fountain pen. Fun Fact: Buckeye Burl is a crucial part of the livelihood of a tree. Located at the base of the trunk; if this wood is cut incorrectly, it could lead to the death of the entire tree. 

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