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Stylo Ink’s Founder and CEO, John L. Cramer Jr., created this business for the sole purpose of saving money for college. However, it ended up becoming more than he expected. What started off as a hobby, developed into an aspiration to inspire high school and college students to become entrepreneurs and leaders in their communities. While he explains he is still “constantly learning”, John has exemplified the true qualities of an entrepreneur. He will be receiving his Associates Degree in June of 2018 along with his high school diploma. John will then proceed to attending Liberty University in Virginia during the fall. His major: Business & Administration with a focus on Entrepreneurship.


Stylo Ink’s hand-made pens are perfect for any occasion. Whether for work, your home office, or someone special, you can never go wrong with our one-of- a kind, hand-crafted, wood, and acrylic pens. Custom orders available by request.