Helping Down Syndrome Entrepreneurs Start & Accelerate Businesses!

Your purchase will contribute to the "International Down Syndrome CEO Camp". Read this article to understand the program's impact on developing entrepreneurs with down syndrome: 

Former Hoverboard CEO and Advisor on the U.S.-China Trade War, Dr. Rollan Roberts, hosts the one-of-a-kind startup boot camp and accelerator designed specifically for entrepreneurs with Down Syndrome at the request of and in partnership with Down Syndrome support organizations. The 3 day/2 night Down Syndrome CEO Camp helps start and accelerate business growth for entrepreneurs with Down Syndrome.

“There is not a more worthy Kingdom entrepreneurship initiative than helping and empowering differently-abled young entrepreneurs start their own business and help it grow. The economic and societal impact this has on communities around the world cannot be understated and represents over $1 billion annually,” says Dr. Roberts. He continues, “This is a massive financial undertaking, and we are confident that many brands, products, and services that serve the greater business marketplace will step up to support such brave, incredible, world-changing entrepreneurs.”

The Down Syndrome CEO Camp will accommodating 500 guests and housing 300 guests. There are opportunities for established entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives to participate in providing ongoing mentorship by sponsoring a Down Syndrome entrepreneur at the CEO Camp. For more information, please visit

About Dr. Rollan Roberts

Dr. Rollan Roberts is the CEO of Courageous! Entrepreneurship, an advisor to world governments, America’s CEO on iHeartRadio’s only national business call-in show, and former CEO of the Hoverboard company - the single, hottest, global, consumer product of 2015. In addition to being nominated to the Central Command Task Force for the Department of Defense, and keynote speaker at Harvard University and for Bloomberg, he has led several global, high growth companies and has a record of creating some of the fastest growing viral brands in the world. He has a Doctorate degree in Global Business and Entrepreneurship, founded the CEO Entrepreneur Cruise, authored 4 international best-selling books, and spoke to China’s government and business leaders on the US-China Trade War at the Great Hall of the People in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China.

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