Alumni Spotlight - John Cramer Jr.

Alumni Spotlight - John Cramer Jr.

Dec 21st 2018 Posted by Dana Chrysler

John Cramer, Jr. chose to attend EvCC through the Running Start program, allowing him to graduate from both Lake Stevens High School and EvCC in June 2018. To help earn money for college, John began making and selling hand-crafted exotic wood and acrylic pens, thus beginning his Stylo Ink company. “EvCC equipped me with accounting and public speaking skills, as well as how to professionally communicate in writing with customers and business associates,” he says. John will enter Liberty University the fall of 2018 as a mid-junior and plans to major in both entrepreneurship and international business, while continuing to grow his Stylo Ink company. “I would encourage current EvCC students to never give up,” he enthuses. “Don’t forget to be yourself, to be that spark that lights a fire of endless ambition.”

What is your current occupation/career?

I am the Founder and CEO of Stylo Ink, a company that prides itself on quality hand-crafted pens and serving customers as if they were family. I personally create these pens along with teaching other high school and college students the importance of networking, how to create their own businesses, and how to present themselves in a professional manner.

How did you choose EvCC?

I chose to attend EvCC because of the running start program. I have always had a desire to receive a college education. This amazing program that EvCC offers allowed for all my credits to transfer to Liberty University, a further continuation of my collegiate journey.

Do you think your time at EvCC helped you pursue your current career?

EvCC helped equip me with the necessary knowledge to keep track of my accounting, how to speak publicly, and how to professionally communicate through written communication to customers and business associates.

What did you do after you left or graduated from EvCC?

I will be attending Liberty University to double major in both entrepreneurship and international business. Thanks to EvCC, I will be starting as a mid-junior, a step closer to receiving my master’s in business and administration.

Was there anyone during your time at EvCC who acted as a mentor for you?

While I did not have a mentor, there were teachers who supported my ambition to start and run a successful business. I valued their encouragement and will continue to follow my goals.

What words of advice would you give to current EvCC students?

I would encourage current students of EvCC to never give up. College is hard; I even failed two classes. Yet, failure brings about an opportunity for future successes. I learned how to manage my time much better because of it. While I’m not saying you should fail your classes, I am, however, encouraging you to develop a different mindset--one that doesn’t turn down opportunities. We have a limited amount of time on earth and, of course, many, like myself, have a limited budget. Don’t forget to be yourself, to be that spark that lights a fire of endless ambition.

Any other information you would like to provide?

I want to extend my hand to anyone looking to start a business, to develop an entrepreneur’s mindset, or needing experience honing their skills, to contribute to a fruitful economy.

John's website, Stylo Ink, maybe found here:

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