Jim Messina  (Chief Operating Officer - Premera Blue Cross)

By pure happenstance, I met John on our campus one Friday afternoon. He was looking for some advice related to growing a business. What to do, what not to do, etc. While talking, in our lobby, John showed me one of his hand crafted pens and I was, to put it bluntly, blown away. His pens are works of art and they exemplify John’s passion for his product and his business. As we talked, John mentioned that he had to borrow equipment to make his pens. When I and one of my colleagues, heard this, we decided to invest in John, his business and his future. John took the investment we made in him and he bought the equipment he needed to create his pens and build his business on his own time and on his own terms. My colleague and I also submitted two large orders. The pens were delivered on time, of the highest quality and, since each one is hand crafted and unique, the people we gave the pens to were over the top thrilled. It is clear to me that John will be a success in anything he tackles and I suspect in the years to come I will say…”I knew him when”.

Andreana M.

Amazing Quality, Beautiful Craftsmanship and, what and Excellent Gift! Thank you so much John!!

Jill W.

This young entrepreneur knows his stuff! I ordered four pens for Christmas for my three boys and my husband. I got the antler pen barrel. They turned out absolutely fabulous. The boys were all sooo very impressed and it became something special instantly. Those pens will be family heirlooms for sure. I highly recommend his work and I will buy from him again! Truly wonderful business!

Caleb W.

These pens were awesome, I love mine. My ma got me one made with deer antler and rifle casings. It's a nice addition to my office. It's got some great craftsmanship put into it! I support this business whole heartedly!

Rory H.

I now own three of these pens, all different kinds, including one custom ordered Skull pen. Very good quality and superb customer service! Very impressed with John’s ambition! I am very pleased and impressed with my custom ordered (from the top to the bottom) Skull pen! It turned out better than I expected, and I love it! John has been very easy, friendly, professional, and nice to work with as well.

Ian H.

Got an awesome bolt action pen for my dad. He loved it. Just amazing quality! Completely 100% worth it!

Jeshua F.

Awesome pens with tons of effort behind them!

Lynn C.

The pen arrived and it is beautiful. Bryan loves it. Thank you so much for everything. Please stay in touch. I would like to hear how you are doing at Liberty. We will be praying for you!

Bobby S.

To be honest, the pens made from Stylo Ink blow me away. Not in only the quality and style but every pen made holds the story of John Cramer behind it. I don’t feel as if I am holding a regular writing utensil, instead I feel like I am holding a past filled with determination to build a company, a present of a man who strives to create a great life for him and all others around him, as well as the future of someone who will do amazing things and wont stop until he does. These pens are a life compressed down to a single object. And I think that is something that no other company can provide.

Molly V.

I absolutely love my pen that I purchased from Stylo Ink! It is wonderfully crafted and writes like a dream, it is amazing and I use it all the time! John, CEO of Stylo Ink, has always been very passionate about what he does and is very proud of his work! I really admire him for taking something he is super good at and likes to do, like craftsmanship, and using that talent to go to school!

Evan W.

Great quality pens, and fantastic customer service! I needed more ink, and he worked with me directly and got me what I needed!

Robert S.

Really great pen I use for work that I got from! I have used it for a while with no problems! They have tons of different styles too!

Taylor D.

This amazingly crafted custom pen from John at Stylo Ink was one thing that helped get me through 3 weeks of training! Great pen, great service, and only place to go for custom pens!

Terry B.

Joel and I aren't big on exchanging gifts but when we do, they are, ideally, made or found. For Joel's birthday present I reached out to Stylo Ink. John uses his talent to put himself through college, I'm thrilled to support his goals for academic success.

Jason A.

Using the hand crafted pen I bought from Stylo Ink. I highly recommend.


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